Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be in a bullish trend with its new price

Even though the market started with a correction, bulls could take control again. As a result, the majority of coins are in the red zone.

Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be in a bullish trend with its new price

Bitcoin (BTC) is looking to fix above $40,000. It has been rising by 2.20% since yesterday. Bitcoin (BTC) is also bullish in the future as bears were not able to keep the price below $40,000.

This means that people who have bitcoins are not selling them. They are just keeping them and not trading.


The rate of Binance Coin (BNB) has gone up by 3%. The rate of Bitcoin (BTC) has also gone up.

Binance Coin is not different than the other coins. The price will probably go up and it might be difficult to trade Binance Coin. But eventually, there will be more buyers for Binance Coin and the price will go up.

Binance Coin is trading at $382 at press time.


DOGE has not gone up in price like Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB). It changed by -1.57% from yesterday.

The price of DOGE has dropped. But it is not likely to go down even more. DOGE is in the zone where most people are putting money. Bulls can keep the price up so we can go to $0.45 in a few days if they want to.

DOGE is trading at $0.3418 right now.

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