Institutional Bitcoin (BTC) Investors to Watch: Price Volatility Predicted

Institutional investors are in the spotlight as they make an upcoming cashout date. This could cause new price volatility for Bitcoin.

Institutional Bitcoin (BTC) Investors to Watch: Price Volatility Predicted

As noted by people on Twitter, people are talking about the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) as Bitcoin hovers near $40,000.

July means BTC price volatility

GBTC is a company that has a lot of money. It has over $24 billion dollars in its account.

This investment is not available all the time. One of the times it is not available is when the buy-in price trades at a discount to spot price.

This negative GBTC premium is what people talk about. Investors buy in and then they can sell their shares at certain times of the day.

Bucking a declining trend

A popular trader, Loomdart, thinks that this chance to sell down prices will stabilize the market. Now is a good time for people who want Bitcoin to come back and break an old resistance line.

U guys realise we are already negating gbtc unlocks and after the bulk of them are over theres like… 0 spot btc sellers left right? — loomdart (@loomdart) June 14, 2021

This would be a good thing because it is different than what most people think. It’s not like the other things that people say.

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