11 Reasons Why Warren Buffett Is Anti-Bitcoin

A man named Andrew Yan who works for SAIF Partners (which has over $4 billion in assets) said he has been holding Bitcoin for six years. He also shared some tips about the currency, such as why Warren Buffett is against it.

11 Reasons Why Warren Buffett Is Anti-Bitcoin

Here’s why Buffett does not buy BTC

Andrew Y. Yan is a managing partner at SAIF Partners. The company holds almost 6 billion yuan ($937,895,400) and $4 billion of investor funds.

According to 8BTC News, he has been buying Bitcoin since 2015 and holding it tight. He reckons that BTC worth way more than gold.

As for the prominent investor Warren Buffett (head of the Berkshire Hathaway fund), who hates the world’s biggest cryptocurrency (as well as the rest of crypto too) and believes it to be “rat poison square”, he does not understand Bitcoin, Yan said, and this is why Buffett does not buy it.

Yan also said that he does not encourage people to hype up this industry. As per the tweet, he stated that Bitcoin “requires people of faith to participate in”.

Buffett’s fund invests into a bank that offers Bitcoin ETF

Warren Buffett recently invested in a Brazilian bank. The bank just bought Easynvest, and now they will offer an investment in Bitcoin ETFs. This news has had mixed reactions from the crypto community. Some people think that he is pretending to hate BTC while others think that he is gradually changing his mind on BTC being “rat poison squared.”

Warren Buffett is a person who has said in the media that cryptocurrencies do not have any value.

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