Polygon to Utilize Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum NFTs

To make it easier to use non-fungible tokens, we are using a proof-of-stake approach on our parallel network. This will lower the cost of gas in Ethernity Chain.

Polygon to Utilize Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum NFTs

Layer 2 Solution to Make Ethereum-Based NFTs More Accessible

Non-fungible tokens are still being talked about by people. They might fascinate crypto enthusiasts and collectors. People talk about the good points of these tokens, and some of the bad points as well. The problem with them is that they don’t have enough value for creators and they are expensive to trade or buy in some ways.

Many people are interested in buying art, but they can’t afford it. The prices of the art might be high and then you have to pay for gas to go buy it. Gas is expensive this year and it makes the prices higher. Ethereum has a plan to make gas cheaper, but we don’t know when that will happen yet.

Polygon is a program that solves problems in Ethereum. Ethereum solves problems, but it can be slow and not very safe. Polygon doesn’t have those issues because they are different programs.

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