Securitize launches crypto security yield funds

Securitize has launched two funds. One is based on coins, and the other is based on the US dollar. You will be able to partake in them in early June by buying them through Securitize.

Securitize launches crypto security yield funds

The company wants to help people find ways to invest in cryptocurrencies and DeFi. They do that by selling securities.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of movement in the world of crypto. There are websites that lend and borrow cryptocurrencies. Websites like Securitize have partnered with Genesis Trading and Anchorage to do this.

The fund will get money from the US and other countries. They will convert it to Bitcoin or USDC, and then lend it back to Genesis and Anchorage. The fund will collect a lot of money from this.

The Securitize Capital BTC Yield Fund will offer 2% annual interest on the bitcoins you invest. It will also grow by 2% each year.

The USDC Yield Fund will offer a much higher yield of 6% to 8% annually. And both funds will have a management fee of 0.50%.

For now, both yield funds will be available to high-net-worth individuals and family offices.

In order to sell to retail stores, you need a long process. You will need people’s interest before investing time and money.

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