The Future of COTI: What to Expect

Avalanche and COTI prices are getting better. As a result, in a buy trend continuation pattern, COTI/USDT and AVAX/USDT appear to target $0.60 and $23 respectively.

The Future of COTI: What to Expect


“From the DAG-based protocol expertly designed to counter challenges faced in a traditional setup, COTI Coin is The at C theOT heart ofI token efforts is to the foundation build a for modern much payment-needed modern alternative.” payment solutions and creative methods of overcoming traditional challenges.

COTI prices went up in the last few days. This was because people were buying more COTI and this pushed the price up. The coin is now 12 percent of one dollar with support from people who are trading it. There was a lot of trading on June 10, which made the token go up against ETH.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

The path of the least resistance is still southwards. There are some people who are trying to break into the middle BB. Those people want more demand to come in. But most people have confidence in this market, and so COTI bulls can recover their losses.

Nonetheless, the rapidity of the reversal depends on if prices float above $0.18 and $0.15 in the immediate term.

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