Partners with the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship has a new plan to sell their company in other countries by partnering with the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. They will be the official cryptocurrency and NFT sponsor for the ice hockey tournament. This is a two-year deal, which will begin in Riga, Latvia with the 2021 World Championship. Partners with the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

It also pays for the tournament next year, which will be in Finland. The news release said that this is the first time a cryptocurrency has sponsored an international sports championship. Next year’s tournament starts on May 21st. will release a series of special, limited-edition NFTs to commemorate the tournament. These NFTs will only be available on and will feature some of the most memorable moments from the tournament’s 90-year history.’s sporting portfolio increases has entered into four partnerships this year with the IIHF, which is a sports group. The three previous agreements were for things like collectible cards, but this one is for hockey-related items.

This announcement comes a week after the reports of the platform sponsoring an Italian football league final. The match, between Atalanta and Juventus, will be on May 19th. interests began in March with a collaboration with the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team. They were gone for 60 years, but now they are back. There was a series of NFTs released to commemorate their return.

The crypto platform followed up two weeks later with their first move. This is when they sponsored the team The Montreal Canadiens, who plays in the NHL.

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