Join the NFT Craze with These Physical Exhibitions

The NRFT craze is getting better. If you have already visited the NFT Metaverse, it’s time to stop looking at pictures and start visiting galleries that show NFT art.

Join the NFT Craze with These Physical Exhibitions

There are new art galleries that people should go to. They are called NFT galleries. With vaccinations, the restrictions put in place by the pandemic have lessened and this gives more people a chance to go see these galleries.

Before we go ahead and list down the 9 popular choices to visit, let’s recap our understanding of what exactly is an NFT. In simple words, these non-fungible tokens store data that are unique to them. They are not like regular currency which can be exchanged for other forms of money.

Here are the 9 most popular galleries to visit this year.

The Museum of Art and Philosophy in Australia

With their first exhibition in Hobart, Australia from June 16th to June 22nd, the Museum of Art and Philosophy is only the second physical NFT gallery in the world. The first one was opened by Superchief Gallery in New York on March 2021. This opening coincides with Dark Mofo Festival which is a celebration of winter solstice.

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